Your Life Your Choice


We live in an increasingly toxic environment which is damaging our immune system bit by bit. Knowing what these are and more importantly how to avoid them is crucial to our well-being. More than that, science and technology are leading the way in enhancing and maintaining our natural flow of energy and thus the prevention of disease. In addition for those of you who are ready, and wish to follow some of the great people in history, this book will give you a glimpse of The Secret that they followed and how you can use it in every aspect of your life in terms of achievement, relationships and happiness.

Here’s what Gretchen says about working with us:
“I have been so grateful for the help and support given me from the initial meeting with Anna Goddard and with her help in the formatting of my script and then with both Lucy and Srishti who worked so diligently to make sure my book was how I wanted it. I am delighted with the result as this is my first experience having no previous knowledge of the process. Those who have seen my book are impressed with the finished copy and layout. This is a thoroughly professional company and I fully recommend them without reserve, to anyone wanting to self publish.”
Gretchen Pyves (21st January 2019)


Gretchen Pyves