The Kestrels of Gosta Green


This book of scientific memoirs was written from the perspective of a chemical prospector for novel anti-cancer drugs, but it is not a Chemistry book. Although perfused with an adoration of small molecules which have transformed the lives of his generation, it is also about the disappointments, failures, hopes and successes of scientists and their rivalries and comradeship. The book reveals the author’s love of music, and obsessions with bird-watching and sport: controversially maybe, the book also contains several fantasy sections – everyone is allowed those, surely. All proceeds will be invested in supporting the early education and career development of young scientists.

Here’s what Malcolm says about working with us:
“When an 80-year old ex-university science professor with letters OBE and FRS after his name presents a publisher with a manuscript of his scientific memoirs, they are entitled to expect some measure of IT competence. Not so in the present case: although Malcolm Stevens had mastered the trick of importing pictures into the text and had retaught himself how to use ChemDraw after a gap of 30 years, the mechanics of wrapping text and other desk-top publishing tricks were quite outside his comfort zone. Also his insistence in having a printed version (all 390 pages!) of three separate drafts, rather than being able to correct the text on a computer screen, were quaint – but tiresome with it. In his view, that the ‘Kestrels’ eventually flew the nest was entirely due to the professionalism and patience of the staff of Carnegie Scotforth for whom the author has the utmost respect and gratitude. He has already recommended Carnegie Scotforth as a first stop for others contemplating self-publication and will be knocking on their door if his next book ‘The Phortress Saga’ ever reaches the end before he does.”
Malcolm Stevens (10th January 2019)


Malcolm Stevens