Tiltstone: Gem and Tombstone


The final book of the Tiltstone Trilogy finds Daniel Tiltstone Greensward (a.k.a. Damnit), trusty but devious churchwarden of St Michael the Archangel in Tupshorne, barely managing to cope with several life-changing events occurring within his local community and further afield. Friendship and love of his fellow companions on life’s journey, his elephantine memory stretching back to childhood and his love of dogs are seen reflected within the interplay of the sixty-five characters involved in the plot. At your peril, do not underestimate the power of Damnit’s Dreamworld. Dare to Dream. The complexities of Daniel’s modus vivendi defy all attempts to place the Tiltstone Trilogy in any particular genre. And after all is said, read and done, it’s just a yarn to send you to Dreamland, smiling!

Here’s what Donovan Leaman says about working with us:“The Complete Tiltstone Trilogy has made a handsome volume. Again, a heartfelt muchas gracias for all your hard work in putting it all together. I take pride in what I have written over the last eighteen years, but it would not have been possible without the help and encouragement of all of the Carnegie Scotforth staff it has been my pleasure to meet.”
Donovan Leaman (26th March 2019)


Donovan Leaman