Beyond the Volcano


‘Think about it, Walter. The National Army has declared war on every young person in Sharrowland. What kind of future do we have? Will we even have a future? We can do nothing and let The Terror continue, or we can begin to oppose it.’

Leonie was right. Too many people had already been murdered.

Along with Leonie, Walter and Stella, Oscar and Freddie share the dream of a free and peaceful Sharrowland, but first they must endure the hardships of war and overcome the haunting nightmares of the volcano.

Julie sat down to have a chat with us, discussing why she wrote Beyond the Volcano, the process of publishing her book, some tips for aspiring writers and the importance of reading. Read the interview here.

Here’s what Ann Marie Curtis says about working with us:“I was responsible for the quality and accuracy of my writing, but I needed a professional company who could produce a book that looked fabulous and was of durable quality. The text inside also needed to be easy to read and enticingly presented. Carnegie Scotforth offered exactly what I was looking for. A meeting with Anna at their Lancaster premises and an opportunity to browse through Carnegie Scotforth’s extensive publications gave me the confidence to commit. Lucy Frontani patiently led me through every stage of the publishing process. The first success, based on my amateur sketches, was the gorgeous cover design. Even though I thought I had submitted a perfect manuscript, several proof-readings gave rise to further improvements, which Lucy efficiently made, as well as guiding me through obtaining ISBN numbers. The finished product, Beyond the Volcano looks and feels fabulous, which makes it easy to promote and sell. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of adults who have bought the novel, even though it is intended for a young adult readership. Now I know that when I hear the magic words, ‘I couldn’t put it down… it’s enchanting… I love it… It’s gripping’ I am sharing the magic of a novel.”
Julie Lamin (27th March 2019)


Julie Lamin