The Notebook of Thomas Noblet


Thomas Noblet’s joiner’s notebook was recovered with a bundle of other documents from a Lancashire farmhouse attic belonging to one of his descendants. Closer inspection of this valuable eighteenth-century craftsman’s booklet has brought to light some of the earliest sketches, working drawings and notes on the making of regional furniture. Noblet’s notes begin in 1725, predating the foundation of Gillow, and here they are photographically reproduced, alongside transcriptions and interpretations of his diagrams and script.

William McCartney on his experience with Scotforth:
This was my first book and the people at Carnegie/Scotforth were most understanding and helpful. They responded very quickly to any queries I had and guided me to a high-quality finished book. I would certainly recommend them to any of my friends.
William McCartney (15th June 2018)


William McCartney