Regency Square: Its history and its stories


Squares and crescents of tall, elegant houses are a principal feature of Brighton and Hove’s historic architecture. Regency Square was the first of the city’s larger seafront squares. This book, produced to mark the bicentenary of the beginnings of Regency Square, describes its origins, and its life and times.

“Why would someone in deepest Sussex-by-the-sea chose a publishing firm in distant Lancashire to produce her first self-published book? At a an exhibition at the University of Sussex I had already seen the quality of books produced by Carnegie Scotforth. When I wanted to publish my first book, ‘Sketches of Brighton – 1827’, I turned to several firms, some here in Brighton. I got the best quote from Carnegie Scotforth. I had got the best quote and, more importantly, I got the best quality. I was so impressed by the constant support given to me by the team. The result was a book far better than I had imagined. When our local community association wanted to produce a book to celebrate the bicentenary of the founding of our local heritage square, I recommended Carnegie Scotforth – and we have all been delighted at the result. Regency Square, its history and its stories always elicits extremely favourable comments about the look and feel of the book … even before prospective buyers/friends/relatives have read a single word of the text written by Gill Wales and myself.” — Suzanne Hinton

“My co-author and I were impressed by Carnegie Scotforth’s friendly professionalism and expertise. We were especially grateful for the patient support and advice we received from the team. Thanks to them, the manuscript that we had slaved over blossomed into a beautifully laid out book that people want to open and read. Carnegie Scotforth were sensitive to our budgetary limitations, presented us with good solutions to problems and worked with us to meet our deadlines. I have no hesitation in recommending Carnegie Scotforth, especially to anyone publishing a book for the first time. It’s so reassuring to have an experienced team to guide you through the process” — Gill Wales

Suzanne Hinton & Gill Wales (6th November 2018)


Suzanne Hinton & Gill Wales