History of Holy Trinity Freckleton


On 31 July 1837 the foundation stone of Holy Trinity was laid, finally giving the people of Freckleton their own Anglican church at which to worship. No longer did villagers have to travel to Kirkham or Warton to attend services, as they had for hundreds of years before.However, although there was a definite demand for the church, for the clergy and church officials the early days were marked by difficulties in funding one of the poorest parishes in the Fylde. Many of these obstacles were overcome in succeeding years and Holy Trinity firmly established itself at the heart of the community.

The twentieth and twenty-first centuries saw huge changes in social attitudes and patterns of church attendance, which impacted on Holy Trinity as much as many other places of worship. But these changes notwithstanding, a century and three quarters on the church maintains its important role in the life of the village.

This book, published to mark the 175th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone, tells the story not only of the building, but also the human one of the clergy and parishioners past and present.


Peter Shakeshaft