Chris Aspin’s books: A day at the Races, Just a few extras some no-balls & wides, and Brush up your Shakespeare


Chris has written more than 1,000 verses since retiring. We have worked with him for many years, on numerous different books. These are just some of the latest books that we have published for him. To get a full list of available books and to buy any copies, contact Chris directly at: chris_aspin@yahoo.co.uk. They cost £4.95 (P&P £1.30) each.

Here is a little verse from Chris about what it’s like working with us:
Carnegie is a happy firm;
Its books are works of art.
The staff are all always well-informed
and play a helpful part.
So check at once, their latest list.
There’s so much there not to be missed.

Chris Aspin (26th October 2018)


Chris Aspin