Bernard Parkes


Bernard Parkes explores how an older composer, uncreative for thirty-five years and damaged by a stroke, is brought back into the world by Mrs Pole, and how an unusual loving world is woven around them both. Featured also is Laveretsky, the story of a man released after twenty years in a Siberian prison camp. Author Richard Parker has published frequently with Scotforth Books (self-publishing imprint of Carnegie Publishing) and says of his experience:“I have now had a number of works brought out through Carnegie Publishing – four novels, a collection of short stories and a small booklet of bird poems. The publishing team – for text, design, font and covers – including Rachel and Katie … they are a pleasure to work with. They have unusual gifts of flair, sensitivity, imagination, spatial and conceptual skills that have made for finished books a pleasure to hold, font clear and easy to read – as well as looking good.
The book of short stories Openings and Endgame virtually sold out, going to a reprint – and one of the poems was picked out by a composer, set for voice and piano and performed in the Wigmore Hall. That collection also went to a reprint. So a big thank you to them all.”
Richard Cutler (14th June 2016, London)


Richard Cutler