A War-Torn Chester Parish: St Werburgh’s before, during and after the Great War


A War-Torn Chester Parish’ tells many interesting stories of life in the Chester Parish during the First World War.

Here’s what Ann Marie Curtis says about working with us:
“When we decided to publish our second book ‘A War-Torn Chester Parish’ in late 2017 we went straight to Carnegie Scotforth. Two years ago they had guided us through the publishing process for our first book, a large coffee table volume of 121 lives of parishioners killed in the Great War, “We Shall Remember Them”. Sure enough, Carnegie Scotforth provided the same efficient and thoughtful service that they had provided two years previously. This second book was entirely different in format and style, consisting of 37 essays describing life in this Chester Parish pre, during and post WW1 and contained many monochrome and multicoloured pictures. The team at Carnegie Scotforth took a great interest in the layout, suggesting alternative formats but not imposing their preferences upon us. The book was all our own work but without their ideas and suggestions the finished edition would not have been as fine as it is. They also managed to get it to printers who would print it before Christmas 2017, which was a deadline we were committed to! If we ever get around to publishing a third volume, we will get straight back to the team at Carnegie Scotforth.“
Ann Marie Curtis (30th January 2018)


Ann Marie Curtis